What is a QR Code and how useful is it in your 1 Page ad?

QR (Quick Response) Code is a type of two-dimensional bar code which can be read by your mobile phone. They are more useful than a standard barcode because they can store more data such as: text, URL links, geo coordinates and much more.

QR Codes are being increasingly used in magazines and newspapers, on billboards, on business cards, the list is endless!

QR Codes together with your 1 Page marketing ads can take your business promotional efforts to the next level!

As well as creating your 1 Page marketing ads, we will also create a dedicated QR Code for your ads. You can then use this QR Code in any way you wish to help drive traffic to your 1 Page Marketing ad.

Can you imagine what a QR code, linking to your 1 Page ad, printed on your business card, on your company vehicle, promotional materials, and any other resources you may have at your disposal can do to help your business grow?

The important thing to note is this. Your QR Code will never change, so do not worry if you have it printed on your promotional materials or various other ads. Since it is linked to your 1 Page ad, any time you update your ad your QR code will also point to your latest offerings, promotions, products, and services!